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Penis nutrition is something that we don't normally think about, yet it can be an effective way to increase penile health and your overall body health too. Getting proper herbal nutrition as well as vitamins and minerals can help increase the size of the penis in faster time than without. It can provide for better blood circulation, stronger erections, quicker and longer lasting erections, prevent impotence, increase girth and length, and provide for better sexual performance.

Also it is advisable to eat a healthy diet consisting of low-fats and moderate proteins. Try to cut down on fatty foods as much as possible to keep your cholesterol low. Maintaining a low cholesterol level will help the blood circulation strong preventing weak orgasms, impotence, and slow penis growth. Cholesterol deposits can stunt penis growth and/or decrease the amount of blood that fills the penis, thus causing weaker erections. It might also prohibit great results from your penis enlargement workout program. A study shows that the "leaner you are - the larger you'll appear." For every 35 Lbs.'ll loose about 1 inch of length : (

Helpful Healthy Tips...
  • Do aerobic exercises at least 20 minutes a day

  • Walk briskly about 30 minutes - burn 300 calories

  • Eat less fatty foods - no fried foods, drink low-fat instead of whole milk.

  • Choose lean meats (flank), eat more chicken or turkey (without skin)

  • Eat plenty of fish (good source of Omega-6 and Omega-9 - essential fats)

  • Don't rush your food - eat more slowly
  • Eat more beans, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains
  • No add-ons - skip the mayo, dressing, sour cream, butter, etc.
  • Go easy on Alcohol which can put calories on you and make you hungry

  • Try eating 5 - 6 small nutrient dense meals per day

  • Take your daily penis enlargement supplements (pills)

  • Quick Run-down On Nutrients

    Scientists have identified more than 50 essential nutrients - and all fall into one of two main groups: macro and micro. The macronutrients are the ones you need a lot of: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and water. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are then used to build muscles, organs, and blood. Fats provide a source of calories, transport certain vitamins into the body, and help regulate satiety. Carbohydrates, which include starches and sugars, can be stored in muscle and provide the raw material you need to burn the energy.

    The micronutrients are most of the vitamins (vitamin A, B, B1-B12, C, D, E, and so on) and minerals which are bodies need also, but not as much as macronutrients. A shortage of these and you'll have some real trouble ahead - diseases like scurvy, osteoporosis, and anemia.

    Then there the Trace Elements. Most of the minerals are the trace elements. There are more than 75 trace elements that scientists have found so far. These trace elements are mostly found in ancient sediments, earth shells, powdered rock, etc. They are essential for all living things of earth. Since these elements are present in the earth, they can be found also in edible plants, berries, and herbs.

    Herbs For Penis Health and Growth

    In this section, we will discuss many of the important herbs for penis health and growth. Around the world, for many decades, herbs and alternative medicine have been accepted for penis enlargement and penis health. Many people and cultures believe that certain herbs can increase one's penis size from just digesting them.

    Studies have shown that certain natural herbs have an effect on penis stimulation which promotes growth over time. Most of these herbs and vitamins naturally force blood into the Corpus Cavernosa to expand the penis tissues beyond normal volume capacity. Once the tissues are expanded and broken down (separated), they are then repaired, thus being stronger and larger than before. This growth is reflected in girth as well as length. Not only do herbal penis supplements bring excessive blood to the penis, but also assist in repairing broken penis tissues and create a healthier environment. For more information about the herbs found in most penis supplements, visit our herb glossary.

    For more information regarding using penis pills for penis enhancement go to our penis enlargement page.

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