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Does size matter? According to a poll, NO. Do you believe it? There's a tough question, huh? on. It's not as bad as it seems.
When it comes to penis size or the "average" penis size, many (most) guys don't, despite the hard, cold facts of science and the warm, soothing assurances of their women. Here's something I want you to ponder...if the Penis Fairy came along and offered you a couple of extra inches, we would be kinda hard pressed to turn him down - regardless of our current penile measurements...just because somewhere, in the dim psychological recesses between perception and reality, lurks a feeling, an uneasy sense that maybe our particular case size does matter.
In general, size problems start above the neck not below the waist as most might think. Psychologists say we go the itch for more inches as children when we first saw dear ole Dad standing naked with his big schlong. Of course, compared to our toddler's tool, Dad was hung like a horse - so naturally we got hung up on size.
Children and young adults didn't simply adjust for scale and the logical conclusion that Dad's hung because he is an adult...a bigger person. To add to this, there's the "locker-room" talk of Junior High and High School that didn't quite help us either (most of us). At that stage in one's life, locker-room talk and the competition teasing that goes with it, is certainly enough to make any guy have psychological penis size problems. This does wonders to the self-esteem. Professionals have a full time job helping young men come to terms with their penis size concerns. One Psychologist says, Men will often as not hang their esteem on one particular attribute.
If you think you are inadequate, here are some statistics that probably won't make you feel any better, but just in case: The average adult penis ranges from 4 - 6 inches when fully erect. Length is defined by the distance from the tip all the way down to the base of the pubic bone, where the shaft of the penis first emerges from the abdomen.
Biologically, the penis only has to be long enough to penetrate and inseminate which is just a couple of inches when in an erect state. However, we don't want to be just big enough for biological reasons, no...we want to make her scream in bed! As far as stimulating your woman goes, the most sensitive part of the woman's anatomy are in the first third of the vagina, which again you don't have to be huge to please her.
Now, there are some instances when the penis is just too short. This is a birth defect known as microphallus, an appropriate name considering the penis is less than 4 inches when fully erect! This can effectively treated at in infancy. If you happen to suffer from this rare defect, it would be worth your while seeking help from your urologist to determine how to cope with this unusual situation.
If you would like to know what a few women think about penis size, read this article posted about three women and their views about penis here.

Get lean, Get a Bigger Ween
Want to gain size without spending money? Experts say for every 35 lbs you gain, you effectively lose an inch of batting swing. However, you may not exactly gain back that inch when you do lose weight but you certainly will look bigger. The change is not as dramatic as when you're gaining weight. The idea is to stay lean and eat healthy to keep your penis looking as big as it can be. Go to our Penis Nutrition page for more information on penis health through diet.

The Short Shall Grow LONG
A study showed that small penises tended to grow bigger with an erection than the well-endowed among us. A group of guys with "little Richards" (3 - 3.5 inches) when flaccid nearly doubled in size when erect. The guys with larger penises (4 - 4.5 inches) only only added another 3 inches (avg.) when fully erect! Feel Better Now?

How do YOU Size UP
Doctors rounded up 65 Canadians and did a penis size comparison. They also measured height and shoe sizes to see if there were any truth to the folklore that a man's most intimate part can be estimated by his overall body size and/or the size of his feet. This folklore goes both ways: It's said to be either directly or inversely proportional, depending upon which backstreet alley you heard it. They found only the weakest of correlations. That should put to rest some of the penis size mythologies.

The results of the Canadian Penis Survey:
The men ranged in penis size from 2-3/8 to 5-1/4 with 3-3/4 being the average stretched penile length (flaccid). The average length erected was 4 to 6-1/2 inches. To check your penis size, here's a quick fool-proof way to measure:
  • Grab a ruler - make sure there are no sharp edges.
  • Push the ruler back into your abdomen as far as it will go without injuring yourself.
  • Stretch your limp penis along side the ruler and note the mark where you've landed.

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